ASB Un-Plugged 2012 is being organized in collaboration with The Laptop Institute, Independent School Management (ISM), Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF), and Near East/South Asia Center of Overseas Schools (NESA).
1-to-1 is about providing access to technologies that empower learners and support the creation of 21st century learning environments. ASB Un-Plugged 2012 is for those who wish to understand how students and educators have embraced innovation, change, and leadership in education for the 21st century. Join Elliot Soloway, Cathie Norris, Scott Klososky, Bernajean Porter, Scott McLeod, Larry Rosen, Simon Jeynes, Elizabeth Helfant, Richard Healey, Jenny Ellwood and others in developing and articulating a vision for a 1-to-1 learning environment. Bring a team from your school for inspiration and best practices to help you steer an intentional course. Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis will return with the Flat Classroom Workshop.

Also hear educators and students share their best practices, strategies and techniques, ideas and applications that have proven to be successful in a 1-to-1 environment. Learn about the administration of the program—launching a 1-to-1 program, professional development, classroom management, responsible use policies, community support, resources, and support structures.
We bring an all-in-one learning opportunity to audiences ranging from classroom teachers to technology directors and coordinators, from principals, superintendents and business managers to tech support teams. As you and your colleagues consider building a 21st century teaching and learning environment, enjoy ASB Un-Plugged 2012’s learning and networking opportunities.

Classroom Visits & Student Showcases
Get a glimpse into the American School of Bombay's world of 1-to-1 learning. We open our classrooms to share the work we do every day with our students. Witness and experience 1-to-1 classroom teaching and learning. Hear teachers and students share their best practices, strategies and techniques that have proven to be successful. Witness first-hand how 1-to-1 functions during a school day. See the crucial role that tech support plays in the success of this learning culture.
Present a Workshop
We invite YOU to share your work and ideas with everyone by presenting at the conference. Come and share how you or your school are integrating 1-to-1 technology in the classroom. We are planting the seed now so you have plenty of time to think and plan how you might share your expertise with others. More specific information for presenting a workshop will be shared on the conference ning in April 2011.
Hands-on Learning Institutes
Work with education technology leaders across several strands of tech integration and emerging technologies. Conference Strands: Mobile Learning, Leadership, Tech Integration, Gaming, Social Technologies, Digital Storytelling, Measurement, Teaching the iGeneration, Online Schooling, and Tech Support.

Flat Classroom Workshop
Flat Classroom™ Conference and Live Events Inc. invite teachers and students to participate in another Flat Classroom™ Workshop as a strand of ASB Unplugged 2012. This challenge-based workshop aims to bring geographically dispersed learners together and in team formations develop solutions to problems identified within the main workshop theme. The use of Web 2.0 tools as well as multimedia to 'pitch' ideas and create presentations and products is a key feature. It is envisaged the workshop experience will provide an opportunity for students and teachers together to 'create the future' through exploration of a global or social issue and developing an 'action' plan to implement globally to overcome this.

The workshop is aimed at Middle and High School students as well as educators and education leaders. Teams will be made up of real and virtual participants. This is a chance to not only talk about 21st Century learning but to be part of something that is unique and produces tangible outcomes for all participants.

Expressions of interest are being taken now. More details on the website http://asbunplugged2012.flatclassroomproject.org/

As you are aware, TED is an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

The American School of Bombay organizes two to three TEDxASB events every year. We will host a TEDxASB event during ASB Un-Plugged 2012. Details about the event will be shared in the fall. Follow the developments of TEDxASB on our Facebook Fan Page. 

Job-Alike Sessions
ASB Un-Plugged 2012 will provide a unique opportunity for educators in similar roles (e.g. MS Social Studies, K-3 classroom teachers, principals, tech directors/coordinators, etc.) to share tech integration ideas and resources. We will begin our conversations and sharing prior to the conference through grade and topic specific groups on the ASB Un-Plugged ning. We see the Job-Alike sessions as opportunities for all educators to learn from each other, to collaborate and expand our knowledge and practices, and to continue our conversations post-ASB Un-Plugged. 

So mark your calendars for this journey to learn and examine practices and essential conditions for building a 21st Century learning environment.

Join the ASB Un-Plugged Ning to stay updated on conference announcements - http://asbunplugged.ning.com/

Look out for registration info and additional conference details on the ASB Un-Plugged NING in April 2011 and begin to make connections with educators at ASB and beyond.

So mark your calendars for this learning journey to learn and examine best practices and essential conditions for building a 21st Century learning environment. Look out for additional conference details on the ASB Un-Plugged NING in spring 2011 and begin to make connections with educators at ASB and beyond.
Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant, Writer

Scott Klososky, a former CEO of three successful startup companies, specializes in looking over the horizon with how technology is changing the world. Scott's vision and ability to see trends in emerging technologies allow him to be a thought leader who applies his skills to help organizations thrive, leaders prosper, and entire industries move forward. His love of being a technology entrepreneur assures that he continually works in the trenches of building his own companies.

His unique perspectives on technology, business culture, and the future allows him to travel the globe as a speaker and consultant, working with senior executives in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to universities and nonprofits. Including: Cisco, Newell Rubbermaid, Lockheed Martin, Ebay, Volvo, The Hartford, Great Clips, Marriott, Sterling Commerce, AGCO Corporation and national associations such as: International Franchise Association, Korean Ministry of Information, Mortgage Bankers Association, American Payroll Association, Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Currently he serves as the founder and the Chairman of the Board of Alkami Technology, his latest technology startup. Alkami has developed a second generation online banking platform that provides many new features that do not exist today in current online banking systems. It is a privately-owned software company focused on providing online account management solutions to the financial services industry. He also consults with many organizations on how to integrate social technologies into their organization's strategic direction as well as how to improve their utilization of technology as a tool.

Scott has three books that will be released this year.
The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision and Culture to future proof your organization - In this book, three new categories of talents are demystified for leaders that desire to stay relevant. The first, not every leader needs to be a technocrat, but each one must understand the underlying architectural concepts of how to assemble valuable digital plumbing. The second is an ability to accurately predict how future dynamics will impact the organization. Absent a clear vision of the future, there is no ability to lead others to achievement. The final area is an ability to migrate and construct an organizational culture that facilitates four different generations of workers with very different habits and strengths.

Enterprise Social Technologies: Helping Organizations Harness the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevancy - Social technologies have exploded into the business world, yet are vastly misunderstood. Many organizations are either blocking their use, or simply experimenting with how they might be of benefit. Because tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn started with personal use, little has been done to holistically address how social tools can be fully integrated into an organization. In addition, most leaders have little idea what the full collection of capabilities is that exist under the social umbrella. Enterprise Social Technology both explains how these powerful new tools can be put to use, and provides a twelve-step model for implementing social tech within any size of organization.

Managing with Social Technology (A McGraw Hill Brief Case Series Book) - Many books are being written that explain various aspects of how organizations can leverage social tools. What is much less discussed is the role managers now must play in leveraging this tool with their teams. Managing Social Technology is part of the Briefcase Books series published by McGraw Hill and is targeted specifically at giving managers a roadmap for implementing and using social tools in order to improve productivity and results.
Scott began his career hitting the ground fresh out of high school, where his job as a delivery boy was a springboard into the world of technology. He became division head of a computer sales division, and then purchased this as his own company. It was eventually built into a twelve store operation in three states.

His next endeavor was as Founder and CEO of Paragraph, Inc., a Soviet/American joint venture founded in 1988, despite international tensions. Half of the company was sold to Silicon Graphics and the other half is still expanding today (Parascript, Inc.).

Scott then collaborated with H.R. Haldeman to publish his diaries of his years as an aide to President Nixon, which was a bestseller (Putnam Publishing) and involving Sony Interactive in the release of a companion CD-ROM.

The evolving internet ushered in a world of opportunity for inspiring pioneers, and Scott was not left behind. He was Founder and CEO of webcasts.com, an early producer of webcasted media ranging from corporate and government communications, to sporting events and entertainment. He sold that company in 1999 for $115 million. His expertise in leadership and his creative approach to business direction, inspired Critical Technologies to hire him as a turnaround CEO, where he completely rebuilt the underlying products and brought the company to profitability.

Scott publishes a blog at http://www.technologystory.com/, and can be found on Twitter at @sklososky.
Professor - Department of CSE, College of Engineering, School of Education and School of Information, University of Michigan

Elliot Soloway is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Dept of CSE, College of Engineering, School of Education and School of Information, University of Michigan. For the past 10 years, Soloway's research has been guided by the vision that mobile, handheld - and very low-cost - networked devices are the only way to truly achieve universal 1:1 in schools - all across the globe. In 2001, the undergraduates selected him to receive the "Golden Apple Award" as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year. In 2004, the EECS College of Engineering HKN Honor Society awarded Elliot the "Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award." Elliot is a co-founder of GoKnow, Inc.

Norris & Soloway have been crusading for Mobile Learning since the early Palm Pilot days. They have been exploring ways to use such personal technology to transform - not merely to enhance or enrich - teaching and learning. Finally, with the coming of the cell phone, low cost, easy to use, truly personal, i.e., truly portable, not just transportable, computing devices their vision is realizable in schools - worldwide! In various sessions, Norris and Soloway will describe how classrooms all over the globe that are employing mobile technologies to dramatically improve student performance.

Twitter: @cathieANDelliot
Regents Professor - College of Information, Department of Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas

Cathleen Norris is a Regents Professor in the College of Information, Department of Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas. Cathie's 14 years in K-12 classrooms - and receiving Dallas' Golden Apple Award - has shaped her university research agenda: helping K-12 teachers move from the 19th century into the 21st century. Cathie has been President of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the leading international organization for technology-minded educators. From 1996 through 2001, she was the President of the National Educational Computing Association (NECA), the association that organized NECC, the premier conference on technology in K-12. Cathie is co-founder of GoKnow, Inc. the premier mobile learning company.

Norris & Soloway have been crusading for Mobile Learning since the early Palm Pilot days. They have been exploring ways to use such personal technology to transform - not merely to enhance or enrich - teaching and learning. Finally, with the coming of the cell phone, low cost, easy to use, truly personal, i.e., truly portable, not just transportable, computing devices their vision is realizable in schools - worldwide! In various sessions, Norris and Soloway will describe how classrooms all over the globe that are employing mobile technologies to dramatically improve student performance.

Twitter: @cathieANDelliot
Assistant Research Professor - Boston College Lynch School of Education

Dr. Damian Bebell, Assistant Research Professor at the Boston College Lynch School of Education, has conducted research and evaluation activities at the Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy for over a decade. Dr. Bebell is a founding member and Senior Research Associate at the Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative (inTASC) and has served as principal investigator on numerous projects examining the impacts of educational technology on teacher practices and student learning (www.intasc.org).

In 2010, Dr. Bebell served as guest editor for a Special Issue of the Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment producing the world's first collection of peer-reviewed research studies from 1:1 computing environments. Since 2010, Dr. Bebell has directed a study of the Time To Know ELA and Mathematics teaching platforms across a diverse sample of New York City Public Schools.
Lead Researcher, Developer and Practitioner in the innovative uses of Information Technology

Richard Healey is a lead researcher, developer and practitioner in the innovative uses of Information Technology to enhance learning across all aspects of the education sector. As a founding partner of Interactive Learning Experience Richard is a passionate advocate of the use of computer game technology to engage pupils and to deliver effective and efficient teaching. Richard has presented extensively in both the UK and the USA and has facilitated workshops for educators in the use of mobile devices in the classroom including extensive practice in the use of Sony PlayStation Portables.

Working in partnership with leading companies and educational organisations Richard is developing the use of augmented reality and interactive broadcasting technology in education.

A teacher for 36 years Richard focuses on pedagogy and classroom management and provides practical examples which can be replicated in a wide range of learning contexts.

Leader in using Technology to transform Education

Jenny Ellwood is a thought leader in using technology to transform education. She is irresistibly drawn to technologies that engage teachers and students of all ages, releasing their creative potential & enhancing the learning experience. With over 24 years of experience in education, she has spent the last 6 years as deputy manager of Birmingham East City Learning Centre working alongside Richard Healey, pursuing and shaping their innovative shared vision of the future of education.

She developed the Centre's professional development programme and is expert in the fields of pedagogical change management, mobile learning, online communities, flexible learning spaces, gaming in education, digital storytelling, international projects, e-safety & creativity.

She presents at national and international conferences including ISTE2010, Global Symposium 2010, Leading Aspects, National Primary conferences, Technology Tree Conference, BETT and also judged the 2010 ALT Learning Technologist of the Year award winners.
Upper School Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Elizabeth Helfant is the Upper School Coordinator of Instructional Technology at MICDS, a JK-12 school of 1250 students. Following graduation from Davidson College in 1984, Elizabeth began her career in education teaching chemistry, physics, and mathematics. She has been in education for 25 years, 11 of which have been at MICDS. Elizabeth had an integral role in implementing a 1-to-1 tablet program in grades 7-12 at MICDS.

Elizabeth has presented at numerous conferences, including the International Conference on Education, Midwest Educational Technology Conference, NECC, and the Lausanne Laptop Institute. Elizabeth blogs for Digital Learning Environments, serves on DyKnow's advisory board, and is a consultant for educational collaborators. Elizabeth was a convener for the K12 Online Conference in 2009.
Writer, Speech and Debate Coach, Inventor, Teacher, Media Maker, Futurist, Master of Survival Techniques, Professional Speaker and Technology Consultant

AKA writer, speech and debate coach, inventor, auntie, teacher of possibilities, media maker, futurist, master of survival techniques when working with adolescents, professional speaker, technology consultant, teacher of teachers, long-term technology user, promoter of anything that increases joy, spirit and outrageous possibilities in all aspects of life for kids and adults and now. . . a digital storytelling guide and virtual educator. Also known as Bernajena Pinazzo in Second Life.

Watching stars, designing group events, mountain living, learning anytime anywhere, moon glows, adventure travel, can-do attitudes, mangoes, magic, building community spirit, lilacs, ATVing mountain trails, a good story and living life juicy!

Rules of all kinds. Loose ends. Stale strawberry licorice. People insisting on having their negative and limiting beliefs. Letting worst fears rule the day. Having narrow choices. And milking cows.

Pet Philosophy:
Da Um Jeitinho - there is always a way!
Co-Founder of Flat Classroom

Julie Lindsay, MA (Music) and MA (Educational Technology Leadership) is co-founder of Flat Classroom Projects. She is an enthusiastic, global-minded education leader and innovator. Originally from Australia, Julie has been working internationally for over 10 years in Zambia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Qatar and soon China. She is a regular presenter and recognized worldwide for her innovative programs using a wide array of Web 2.0 tools and ubiquitous mobile technology programs to transform learning for the emerging digital, "world-is-flat" educational landscape.

She blogs at E-Learning Journeys http://123elearning.blogspot.com.
More details on her digital portfolio at http://julielindsay.wikispaces.com.
Teacher and IT Director

Vicki Davis is a teacher and the IT director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. Vicki blogs at the Cool Cat Teacher blog winner best Teacher Blog in 2008 by the Edublog awards and co-founder of the Flat Classroom Projects. Vicki is a Google Certified Teacher and Discovery S.T.A.R. Educator and has been featured in various media including Thomas Friedman's book, The World is Flat, Don Tapscott's Book, Grown Up Digital, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe and educational journals such as Edutopia, Technology & Learning, and Learning & Leading. Vicki lives in Camilla, Georgia with her three children and husband, Kip. Full Bio.
Executive Director - Online School for Girls

Brad Rathgeber is the Director of the Online School for Girls, a non-profit consortium of independent schools, which he helped found in 2009. Brad has worked for the past few years to create an independent school model for online education, one that favors dynamic relationships between teachers and students, a collaborative approach to learning, and student-centered approaches. Instead of relying on curriculum already created, the Online School for Girls creates its own curriculum and hires great independent school teachers as instructors. Brad also helped the Online School for Girls to create a successful professional development program.

Brad previously worked as the Director of Technology at Holton-Arms School, an independent school in Bethesda, Maryland. Brad has presented at many national and international conferences on Online Learning, including the Virtual School Symposium and the NAIS Annual Conference four times. He has been quoted in a number of media outlets, including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and PBS.
Technology Integration Specialist - Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee

Molly Rumsey is the Technology Integration Specialist at the Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee. Previously, she was the Interim Director of the Online School for Girls. Molly brought the Online School for Girls from test concept to a fully operational school creating a wide range of courses for students and professional development opportunities for teachers. She trained teachers, chose technology, and brought more than twenty-five schools into the consortium.

Molly currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Online School for Girls. During her sixteen years at the Harpeth Hall School, she has served as Dean of Students, co-chair of the STEM for Girls Think Tank and math teacher. She has presented at numerous national conferences including the Virtual School Symposium and the NAIS Annual Conference three times.
Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Educational Administration Program - Iowa State University

Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., is widely recognized as one of the nation's leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues. Dr. McLeod is an Associate Professor in the Educational Administration program at Iowa State University. He also is the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the nation's only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators.

In 2003 Dr. McLeod and his CASTLE co-director, Dr. Joan Hughes, created the country's first graduate program designed to prepare technology-savvy school leaders. Since then he has worked with a number of corporate and organizational partners to move schools into the 21st century. Partners and supporters of CASTLE's work have included Microsoft, IBM, the National School Boards Association, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the International Society for Technology in Education, the Consortium for School Networking, and the George Lucas Educational Foundation. In addition to his technology leadership work, Dr. McLeod has helped numerous school organizations survive and thrive in today's data-driven accountability environment.

Dr. McLeod's recent honors include being named as a Leader in Learning by the cable industry; an Emerging Leader by Phi Delta Kappa International; and one of the National School Board Association's 20 To Watch. He was the first untenured faculty member to ever receive the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development's Distinguished Teaching Award. Along with his co-author, Dr. Michelle Young, he received the William J. Davis Award in 2002 for the best research article of the year in Educational Administration Quarterly. In Spring 2011 he will be a Visiting Canterbury Fellow at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Dr. McLeod blogs regularly about technology leadership issues at Dangerously Irrelevant and occasionally at The Huffington Post. He is the creator of LeaderTalk, the nation's first group blog written by school leaders for school leaders. Dr. McLeod also was a co-creator of the wildly popular video, Did You Know? (Shift Happens). More information about Dr. McLeod is available at his blog. More information about CASTLE is available at schooltechleadership.org.
ism Consultant

Mr. Jeynes has been with ISM since 2003 after a 26 year career in independent education as teacher, administrator, and ten years as Head of School. He has worked in residential, day, single sex, co-ed, and K-12 schools. He does the following at ISM: Mr. Jeynes earned his M.A. from the University of Oxford and his B.Ed. (Hons.) from the University of Lethbridge. As a believer in life-long learning, he has: Mr. Jeynes is married and has four children
Professor of Psychology at California State University

Dr. Larry Rosen is Past Chair and Professor of Psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He is a research psychologist with specialties in generational differences, parenting, child and adolescent development, and educational psychology, and is recognized as an international expert in the "Psychology of Technology." Over the past 25-plus years, Dr. Rosen and his colleagues have examined reactions to technology among more than 30,000 people in the United States and in 22 other countries.

He has written four books including: Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn, Me, MySpace and I: Parenting the Net Generation, and TechnoStress: Coping with Technology @Work @Home @Play and writes a technology column for the newspaper The National Psychologist and a regular blog for the magazine Psychology Today.

Dr. Rosen has been featured extensively in television, print, and radio media and has been a commentator on Good Morning America, NPR, and CNN. He has been quoted in hundreds of magazines and newspapers including USA Today, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times. He maintains an extremely active research program and his most recent investigations include:
(1) generational differences in technology use and multitasking,
(2) integrating technology in education,
(3) the impact of social networks on adolescents and parents,
(4) online empathy,
(5) the impact of task switching during studying and in the classroom, and
(6) the impact of texting language on English literacy.

He has four children including two in the iGeneration and two in the Net Generation and lives in San Diego, California.
Director of Technology and Media - Lakeview Academy in Gainesville

Connie White has served as the Director of Technology and Media at Lakeview Academy in Gainesville, Georgia for the past 10 years and is the visionary of the academy's highly respected 1 to 1 program. A former high school Physics, Chemistry & Math teacher, Connie has specialized in start-up technology initiatives, strategic planning, laptop integration, staff development, and digital literacy since 1995. She has conducted hundreds of workshops & seminars throughout the country and is a frequent conference speaker.

She recently completed a 3 year team as the President of AATE which is an ISTE Affiliate and serves on the PSC (Professional Standards Commission) in the area of Instructional Technology for the state of Georgia. She is a Google Certified Teacher, a Paul Harris Fellow and is a consultant for Educational Collaborators. Connie has also published numerous articles, lesson plans, integration guides and software training manuals.
Teacher and Educational Technology Integration Specialist

Originally from the US, Kim is an enthusiastic and innovative globally-minded educator. Kim has been teaching internationally since 2000, first in Munich, Germany, then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, next at the International School Bangkok in Thailand, and currently at Yokohama International School in Japan.

An Apple Distinguished Educator, her work focuses on helping core subject teachers authentically embed current and emerging technologies in the classroom to create a global and collaborative learning environment.

Her inquiry-based, constructivist approach to teaching utilizes project-based learning experiences developed using the Understanding by Design process combined with the MYP Technology Design Cycle.

Kim regularly consults with other international schools interested in implementing 21st century learning, has been profiled on a number of educational websites and journals, is a member of the K12 Horizon Report Advisory Board 2008 – present, and is a regular presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and professional development sessions throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Her professional blog, Always Learning (http://kimcofino.com/blog), is an invaluable resource for teachers seeking examples of authentic student engagement.
Director of Technology and Media - Lakeview Academy in Gainesville

Sarah Neild is an award winning teacher with experience of inspiring schools with many creative uses of ICT

Sarah was awarded Advance Skills Teacher status in 2003 being described as an ‘exceptional teacher… teaching of the highest calibre, particularly in her dynamic use of ICT’. In 2004 Sarah was a finalist in Becta’s ICT in Practice Awards, where she was described as ‘an evangelist’ in her use of ICT.

Sarah was chosen as a Beacon School Teacher in a primary in the North West of England. She provided demonstration lessons in the use of ICT across the curriculum and supported colleagues, both in her own school and beyond, in developing their ICT skills.

As part of her local authority’s ‘Hands on Support’ team, Sarah guided many schools in their development of ICT. She has presented at BETT on the use of interactive technologies and worked with teacher training colleges to bring learning alive.

Since 2008 Sarah has worked alongside Tim Rylands, developing imaginative ways of using ICT to enhance learning in schools across the country.

Contact her on phone: +44 (0)7751061811
Inspirational Teacher with the love for Technology

Tim Rylands has been described as "an extremely gifted and inspirational teacher, with a love of the creative potential of technology and an excellent rapport with his pupils".

With over 25 years of classroom experience, in the UK, and beyond, including 4 years in West Africa, Tim is now much in demand for training days, conferences and seminars around the world, presenting the results of his work in an inspiring, practical and often humorous way.

Observers have commented on his imaginative and encouraging style of teaching, which allows children to express their creativity and make significant gains in attainment.

He has received notable recognition for using computer games, and Web 2 technologies to inspire children’s creative confidence in many areas of the curriculum - writing, speaking and listening, music, thinking skills, collaboration, interaction and much more.

Tim has received a vast amount of press coverage for his innovative use of ICT, and has featured on the BBC, 'Teachers TV', CNN, in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, and many others. In 2005 he won the 2005 Becta ICT in Practice Award. In addition, Tim is also well known for the musicals he has written for children, which have been performed to great acclaim.

Tim is a firm believer that ICT is about communication more than technology … and that it should be FUN!

For more information on Tim visit: www.timrylands.com
Contact Tim by email:
Contact Tim on phone: +44 (0)7798890475
Executive Director: The Constructivist Consortium

Teacher educator, author and consultant, Dr. Gary Stager, has spent the past twenty-nine years helping teachers on six continents make sense of their roles in the digital age. In 1990 he led development efforts at the world's first two "laptop schools" in Australia. Since then, Gary has worked with countless laptop schools from Maine to Melbourne to Mumbai. Stager was a Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology where he has taught from 1993 to 2010 and in 1998 helped create its groundbreaking Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program. In 1982, Gary created one of the nation’s first computer camp programs and was the Director of Professional Development for NJ’s Network for Action in Microcomputer Educator from 1983-93.

Gary was Senior Editor for District Administration Magazine, Editor of The Pulse: Education's Place for Debate and Editor of ISTE’s Logo Exchange. He is a frequent conference presenter, workshop leader and keynote speaker at conferences across the USA, Canada, China, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Brazil, Mexico, India, Switzerland, France, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Peru, South Korea, South Africa, The Slovak Republic and Venezuela. Dr. Stager is an Associate of Thornburg Center and worked with Seymour Papert to create the Constructionist Learning Laboratory at the Maine Youth Center. Gary’s work with incarcerated youth in Maine was the subject of his PhD. dissertation from the University of Melbourne. Dr. Stager is also a collaborator in the MIT Media Lab's Future of Learning Group and the Executive Director of The Constructivist Consortium.

Gary has a degree in elementary education and once studied to be a jazz musician. He has worked with public schools, private schools, gifted students, at-risk learners and homeschooling communities, Dr. Stager’s corporate clients have included: Disney, Microsoft, LEGO, Apple Computer, Compaq, Tom Snyder Productions, Universal Studios, Toshiba, Logo Computer Systems, Inc. and Claris. He was a finalist for best columnist in the 2006 Association of Education Publishers Distinguished Achievement Awards

In 1999, Converge Magazine named Gary a "shaper of our future and inventor of our destiny." The National School Boards Association recognized Dr. Stager with the distinction of "20 Leaders to Watch" in 2007. The June 2010 issue of Tech & Learning Magazine named Gary Stager as "one of today's leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and leadership."

Dr. Stager was a keynote speaker at the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference before an audience of more than 4,000 educators. He was also a Visiting Scholar at The University of Melbourne's Trinity College during the summer of 2009.

Gary was the new media producer for The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmeri Project - Simpatíco, 2007 Grammy Award Winner for Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year. The album also won a similar award from the Jazz Journalists Association. Dr. Stager is also a contributor to The Huffington Post and a consultant to leading school architecture firm, Fielding Nair International.

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